Sur Ventures

Sur builds and invests (mostly) in technology companies.


BitVMX – a CPU for Universal Computation on Bitcoin πŸ’°βš‘

Fairgate – Privacy-enhanced computation

AngelAI – Autonomous VC fund

Grandata – Banking the unbanked

Technitai – Privacy-preserving AI [stealth πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ]


Alex Coffee Roasters – β˜• & 🐢

Asaak – Unlocking credit for all

Belo – Crypto wallet

Box Crossfit – European cross-fit chain

BurnBot – Prevent wildfires πŸ”₯🌾

Creizer – Lending to SMBs

Crystal Computing – Beyond Transformers πŸ€– – Automated messaging platform πŸ¦„

David Energy – A new kind of power company ⚑

Decentraland – Virtual world owned by its users πŸ¦„

Exactly – DeFixed income

Flashbots – MEV extraction mitigation πŸ€–βš‘πŸ¦„

FORTA – Threat detection for smart contracts

Found Energy – Renewable energy transportation

GetGloby – Adtech

Goin – Get it by saving

Heretics – Largest Hispanics esports

Humand – Create a digital community for your company

illow – Privacy technology

Latitude data – Data workspace for startups

Lemon – Crypto wallet πŸ‹

Magic – Plug and play auth

Mediamel – Film and TV content for platforms

Michroma – Ingredients made by fungi πŸ„

Muni – OS for Governments

Noya – Direct Air Capture πŸ’¨

OLA – Gaming community in Latam πŸ•ΉοΈ

Olyverse – Bringing fans and stars closer

OpenZeppelin – Secure blockchain applications

Palenca – Income bureau in Latin America 🏦

Reloadly – Airtime and data top-up API

Replit – Collaborative coding πŸ¦„

Satellogic [NASDAQ: SATL] – Sub-meter satellite imagery πŸ›°οΈ

Sensei Node – Node as a Service

Sugar – Save Now Buy Later

Tansley – House of ecosystems (Milbby, Brandstory, Guaw, Futbol Emotion, Bookish)

The Live Green Co – Plant revolution 🌱

Utoppia – A borderless US bank account for everyone

WattCarbon – Carbon offsets from buildings 🏒

Waterplan – Reduce your water riskπŸ’§


Borderless Capital – Algorand ecosystem fund

Jetstream – Climate tech fund

MaC Venture Capital – Cultural trends fund

Newtopia – Early-stage Latam fund

Volt Capital – Crypto fund


Eureka – Lisandro Alonso’s fourth feature film (trailer) πŸŽ₯

Rewilder Foundation – Non-profit to re-wild the earth 🌳

Sur Farms – Regenerative agriculture in Uruguay 🌱